DIY Tutorial 2 : Plastic String Art

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Prepare tools and materials :
- used plastic bags
- cardboard
- fabric
- nails
- white adhesive
- the all purpose adhesive
- paper / carton
- ruler, scissor, cutter, pen / pencil
- hole punch


1. Cut some cardboards at the same size as you want.


2. Make a hole in that cardboards at the same position to hang the craft.


3. Stack the cardboards and stick it all.


4. Cover it with fabric and stick it. Don't forget to make also a hole at the fabric.


5. Cover the back with paper / carton to make a clean look.


6. Make a drawing at the paper and place it on top of the fabric.


7. Plug nails in some points.



8. Fold the plastic bag vertically and cut it horizontally by 5 mm. The pieces will form a large circle.


9. Take one piece of plastic, connect the nails with it. You can make straight or random lines.


10. When the plastic reaches its end, connect to the next piece. Fill all the part you want.


11. Square knot, and finish!



Good luck!

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