Competition of Thrift Creation : Everybody Can Start a Small Thing


"Because one big thing is a lot of little things, and a lot of little things started from one little thing."

Thrift Creation Competition. An ordinary title. An event which maybe doesn’t make everybody interested. Just a simple competition that require participants to make some products from items that have been unused or waste.

So what’s interesting?

This event is held at 2nd April 2016, 10:00 am till 02:00 pm. Three teams which contain four students from three different high school came to compete. SMAN 1 Salatiga, SMK 1 Salatiga, and SMA Virgo Videlis Bawen.

The Competition Atmosphere

Actually, it’s already published since two weeks before the event to several high schools in Salatiga and Kab. Semarang. But still, there were only three teams registered.

If only, there are 20 or more teams, maybe it would be so much better. There would be a lot of wild ideas and fierce competition. If only, the participants are not only from high schools, maybe the result would be more varied. If only, the publication distributed earlier, maybe the preparation are more mature and equipments are more frightening. But it’s only if and if.

Maybe a lot of great things could come in the minds of visitors who attend or just passing by and saw. Merely thinking. Nor may forget a few minutes later.

Competition ProcessUsed-Paper Craft

But the simple event was real. It took place at a shady courtyard of Rumah Noto, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW)’s area, Salatiga. The event was held by a group of campus committee that regularly hold annual events, Indonesian International Culture Festival (IICF). The event was started from 23 March and ended at 22 April 2016 as the main event.

From the results of conversation with Uta, one of the committee of this IICF, actually this thrift creation competition is only a campaign media for the main event that held on 16, 20 to 22 April, 2016. But rather than only spread some promotion, the committee also chose to educate the surrounding community to care about their environment. They hope that public could not only see that thrift products are not worse than the new stuff but also use, buy, or create them.

The ResultEvent Poster

The result? Three works from each team are a temple miniature, steam-railway miniature, and National Monument miniature. Most raw materials are used newspapers, cardboard, and tin cans.

And who’s the winner? Oh, that’s not the point. But the spirit and the effort to take care our environment. Not with a large and luxurious event, not with any big sponsorship or tens of millions as the prizes, but with a little action. Simple effort that anyone can do who has the will. That's interesting.


Written by Deasy Esterina

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