DIY Tutorial 1 : Plastic Weaving

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Prepare the tools and materials :

  • used plastic (black and white, or your favorite color)
  • wood frame
  • baking paper
  • flatiron
  • ruler, scissor, cutter, pen / pencil, glue

1. Choose plastic which bigger than the frame.


2. Cut the top and bottom part of plastic.


3. Make sure the plastic size is much bigger than the frame because it will shrink when ironed.


4. Piles the plastic to 6-8 stacks or adjust the desired thickness. Tuck in the middle of baking paper.


5. Iron them. Use low-heat in the beginning and gradually increase.


6. This is the result. The sheets are thicker and stronger.


7. Cut one sheet (black) became a perforated section using a cutter. Then cut the other sheet (white) lengthwise into pieces, width = 1cm. Then weave into your favored motif.


8. Trim the edges.


9. Stick the frame on the inside.


10. And your new home decor is ready to be installed!


Good luck!

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